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Our Mission

The St. Andrews Square Neighborhood Association, or SASNA, is dedicated to working for a healthy, beautiful and crime-free neighborhood in the twelve-block area bounded by Beverly Boulevard and Western Avenue, Wilton Place and Third Street. All of our meetings and all of our programs are planned to foster a sense of community.

Over the years, SASNA has sponsored tree plantings, block parties and social get-togethers (such as holiday carol sings); neighborhood watch meetings and graffiti paint-outs; and historic preservation activities.  SASNA works closely with the LAPD to enforce local safety, and with the Tree People to enhance neighborhood beauty.

SASNA membership is open to anyone living in this twelve-block area and to any one interested in the welfare of this neighborhood. Voluntary dues are $10 a year. The SASNA board meets approximately every other month, at the Wilshire Branch Library; all its meetings are open to the public.   Once a year there is an Annual Meeting to which all SASNA members are invited.  To learn details of the next board meeting–and of other SASNA events–visit the web site CALENDAR.

SASNA Membership

All residents of St. Andrews Square, and all those who have a stake in its health and welfare, are considered members of the St. Andrews Square Neighborhood
Association.  But you can be more!  You can become an official, card-carrying
member of
SASNA … a recognized PATRON of the community!


Send your annual dues (only $10 per family) to our Treasurer
and we’ll send you
a beautiful membership card.

Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council

The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) is our local neighborhood council.  It connects and overarches sixteen adjacent neighborhoods that stretch roughly (north-south) from Melrose to Olympic, and (east-west) from Western to La Brea.  Its mission is to give a voice to the grassroots, and to mediate between individual neighborhoods and city

bureaucracies, especially in matters of development and land use.  Our neighborhood council was formally certified two years ago  and its first official board was elected in June of 2005.  Board meetings are held about six times a year and they are open to the public.  

St. Andrews Square together with
the Ridgewood-Wilton Neighborhood Association constitutes AREA 10 of
the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council.  Area 10 has one Representative on
the NC board, and one official “Alternate” who is empowered to vote in the
absence of that representative.  

For more details about the GWNC and this

election, please go to the GWNC website.